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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Pub Campaigning

Andy Shaw has taken over as the Regional Pub Campaigning Coordinator after Paul Ainsworth's departure to Yorkshire.

Here is the Regional Pub Campaigning Co-ordinators Remit and, as you'll see, it's all about helping Branches with their pub campaigning efforts. We have highlighted who is leading on the various tasks.

Last year a regional workshop, for Pubs Officers and other Branch officials involved in pub campaigning, was held in Cambridge. Here are the Pub Campaigning Workshop Presentation slides.

Two documents that should be very helpful in organising pub campaigning within your branch are Promoting The Pub and Protecting The Pub.

I plan to run other workshops both in pubs, and as online webinars. We plan to develop other resources that we hope will be useful to pubs officers to be more effective in organising pub campaigning. Especially we plan to work directly with individual branch pubs officers to provide help and support where ever it is needed.

One of the most important activities branches can get involved in is encouraging communities to register pubs at risk as Assets of Community Value (ACV). Chris Rouse wrote an excellent Asset of Community Value Branch Magazine Article on how to register a pubs as an ACV, which I recommend all branches use in their own branch magazine.

Andy Shaw