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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Young Members

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, has a hugely diverse membership, with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. 11% of the total national membership is aged between 18-30 years old; every member aged 18-30 is automatically part of CAMRA's Young Members Group (YMG).

Each region of CAMRA has a Regional Young Members Co-ordinator (RYMC). For East Anglia it's Daniel Maycock, ku.gro.armac.ailgnatsae@rotanidrooC.srebmeM.gnuoY.lanoigeR. Some branches in East Anglia have a Branch Young Members Contacts (BYMC). There are Regional Young Members Meeting Minutes if you want to get more involved.

Young Member's are encouraged to join in with numerous social activities, as well as becoming involved in CAMRA at a local, regional and national level. You have the opportunity to shape the future of a growing part of the campaign.

There are a few young member groups on social media ...
CAMRA Young Members: Facebook, Twitter
CAMRA Young Members East Anglia: Facebook
Colchester & NE Essex CAMRA Young Members: Facebook
Maldon and Dengie Young Members: Twitter
Norfolk & Norwich Young Members: Facebook
London Young Members: Twitter

Young member contacts in some branches ...
Cambridge & District: John Lockwood, ku.gro.armac-egdirbmac@srebmemgnuoy
Chelmsford & Mid Essex: Jake Cox, ku.gro.armac.drofsmlehc@srebmemgnuoy
Colchester & North East Essex: Susie Black, ku.gro.armacretsehcloc@srebmemgnuoy
East Bedfordshire:
East Norfolk: Jess Pennington, ku.gro.armac.klofrontsae@srebmemgnuoy
Ely & District:
Herts/Essex Borders:
Huntingdonshire: Matt Tandy, ku.gro.armac.stnuh@gnuoy
Ipswich & East Suffolk: Chris Kenworthy
Maldon and Dengie:
Mid Anglia:
North Bedfordshire: Dan Veal, ku.gro.armac.sdebhtron@srebmemgnuoy
North East Suffolk:
North Hertfordshire: Charlie Oakman, ku.gro.armac.strehhtron@gnuoy
North West Essex:
Norwich & District: Katy Young & Rhea Sloman, ku.gro.armachciwron@srebmemgnuoy
Peterborough & District:
South Bedfordshire:
South East Essex:
South Hertfordshire: Tom Blakemore, ku.gro.elastreh@srebmemgnuoy
South West Essex:
Watford & District:
West Norfolk:
West Suffolk: