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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Drink Greener

With environmental issues becoming increasingly high priority for governments across the UK, particularly after the COP26 summit, CAMRA wants to recognise and celebrate the work already being done across the hospitality industry. CAMRA will be highlighting and promoting the environmental benefits of enjoying live beer, cider, pubs and clubs using the slogan 'Drink Greener' on CAMRA social media, as well as using #DrinkGreener. Drink Greener is a positive campaign - it's about highlighting best practice, innovative new ideas, and existing campaigning with an environmental aspect.

Drinking local beer and cider, is better for the environment; you can save 65g of CO2 for every pint! Beer served on draught has even more benefits as the materials used in every step of the supply chain can be reused. This means no waste is created. Brewers across the UK have already produced innovative technological breakthroughs designed to save water and energy and reduce emissions and waste. The CAMRA LocAle scheme has been promoting pubs that serve local beer since 2007.

Traditional cider and perry is usually made close to the orchard where the fruit was harvested and is often sold to local consumers, which reduces transport emissions. The orchards that produce fruit for cider and perry absorb carbon and contribute to biodiversity.